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It has been recognized that Science and Technology have made an important contribution towards the development of our country and the world.  They both have affected not only education but the business community as well.  Therefore, it was imperative that partnerships be forged with the Ministry of Education, UNESCO, and community stakeholders to plan and host the annual Science Fair, which was disrupted due to Hurricane Irma and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. 


The intent of this initiative is to provide a platform for students to display their creative, innovative, and original projects, showcasing their inventive capabilities.



All educational institutions are eligible to submit entries.  The competition is open to individual students and groups.


There can be a total of 3 members per group; groups can be made with students within the same grade. 


At the Primary level, Grades K-3 can submit class projects and will be judged as a class.  

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Projects can be either in the form of a model, an experiment, or artwork.

A model ~ is a display of how something works in the real world.  E.g. Solar powered race car.



An experiment ~ shows testing being done and the gathering of data.  E.g. Testing which battery lasts longer.




Artwork (secondary ONLY) ~ includes drawings, paintings and sculptures.  These submissions MUST be individual entries.   E.g. 3D sculpture of a beating heart.  For ALL formats, students’ input must be clearly seen. 

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